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National Band & Tag
A Family Owned and Operated Business Since 1902

bone shaped dog tag Dog & Cat Tags
Animal Control, Rabies Vaccination, Dog License, Pet ID Tags
2 NEW COLORS - White & Yellow
orange oval

Orange Oval for 2014

Green Bell for 2015 green bell
Dog Tags
Plate Tags Tags for Industrial and Commercial Use
Plate Tags, Asset Tags, Cable Ties, Valve Tags, Survey Markers, Inspection Tags, Utility Pole Tags
2 NEW COLORS - White & Yellow
Stamped Metal Tag
Lab Animal Tags
1005-1 Tags, Mouse Ear Tag, Identification for Mice and Rats
Machine Serial Tags Bar Codes
Customized Numbering
Laser Etching

Laser-Etched, Harsh Environment, Electronic ID
Bar code lased onto Black Aluminum Tag
                          Leg Bands Bird Bands
Leg Bands, Butt-End Bands, Banquet Bands
Duck Bands
Customized Divot Tools Promotional Tags

Customized tags for fundraising, schools, churches
Poultry Wing Bands Poultry Bands
Wing Bands, Leg Bands
Day-old chick wing bands
Livestock Ear Tags

Livestock Tags

Metal and Plastic Cattle Ear Tags, Swine, Pig, Sheep, Lamb, Goat. Horse Mane Tags

cattle ear tags
game bird products:
                          blinders and bitfitters Game Bird Products
Clip-On Blinder,  Bitfitter Bit System, Pheasant, Quail
gamebird blinders
Aluminum Write-On Tag

Plant Labels
Tree Tags
Plastic, Vinyl, Copper, Aluminum

flower and plants and tree
conservation tags Wildlife Conservation Tags
Research, Lab Animal, Waterfowl, Fish, Sea Turtle, Raccoon
wildlfie tags
Family Photo

About Us
Family Management Team, Company History, Mission Statement

The Founders
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We make tags for many uses including adjustable tags, advertising specialty tags, aluminum bands, animal tags, anti-pix devices, apron tags, asset tags, beak guards, bicycle license tags, bird bands, banquet raffle fundraiser leg bands for DU, Ducks Unlimited, National Wild Turkey Federation, NWTF, Pheasants Forever, Delta Waterfowl, NRA, belting tags, bird bits, bird blinders, bird leg bands, bit-fitter, book binding, c-less blinders, cable markers, cage tags, cannibalism control, cat tags, cat license tags, cat rabies tags, cattle tags, cattle ear tags, conservation tags, construction tags, compressor tags, crab trap tags, custom dog tags, disconnect seals, dog & cat tags, dog tags, dog license tags, dog rabies tags, ear punch, ear tags, electrical markers, emu bands, equipment tags, fish tags, fitting tags, garden markers, garden stakes, gasket tags, gill net tags, heavy machinery tags, hog rings, hog tags, horse saddle tags, hose tags, industrial tags, inspection tags,  inventory tags, key chain tags, leg bands, livestock tags, locker tags, locking seal tags, locking seals, mechanical tags, metal tags, meter tags, mine tags, motor leads, ostrich bands, panel tags, pelt tags, pet ID tags, pet identification tags, pipe leads, pipe tags, plant labels, plastic bangles, plastic ear tags, plastic wing bands, plate tags, plumbing tags, pool passes, poultry bands, poultry peepers, poultry wing bands, pump tags, rabies tags, rabies vaccination tags, repair tags, rhea bands, self piercing ear tags, self piercing tags, self-piercing bands, service record tags, sheep tags, sign hanging spirals, slot tags, small animal ear tags, small animal leg bands, spad tags, spiral bands, survey markers/tags, survey marking tags, swimming pool tags, swine tags, swivel-lok blinders, terminal tags, toe punch, tongue & slot tags, tool check tags, tree tags, truck seals, tubular tags, turbine tags, turkey tags, turtle tags, valve tags, variable size tags, vehicle license tags, wing badges, wing bands, wing tags, wire grouping tags, wire harness banding, wire markers, wired tags, wrap around tags, write-on


Most of our products are custom manufactured and require 3 to 4 weeks for shipment.  Faster shipment times may be available for some products, but will require a $75.00 expediting charge to deviate from our manufacturing schedule.  There may also be a press Make-Ready charge of $20 to $60 depending on the complexity of the job.  Merchandise is sold F.O.B. Newport, KY. Title of merchandise passes at the time and place of shipment.   Terms of Sale are Net 30 days to approved credit. To open an account, please request a Credit Application and allow 4 to 6 weeks for processing.  Otherwise, cash with order is required, or use your Mastercard, Visa, American Express, or Discover Card.  No COD orders.  Returns are subject to a 10% restocking fee and require a Return Authorization Number.  Custom marked goods are not returnable. $35 charge for all returned checks.

National Band & Tag Company
721 York St., P.O. Box 72430
Newport, KY 41072-0430

Phone: (859) 261-2035
U.S./Canada Fax: 800-261-TAGS (8247)
International Fax: (859) 261-TAGS (8247)

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