Butt-End Bands

We provide both Federal Sizes and our NB&T Sizes of Aluminum and Hard Metal (Monel) Butt End Bands custom marked to your specifications. Don’t see the Poultry Leg Bands, Bird Bands, Butt-End Bands you’re looking for? Call us, we can probably make it! 859-261-2035

We also have plastic Poultry Leg Bands, Coil Leg Bands, Plastic Spiral Bands, Rivet Bands, Adjustable Poultry Leg Bands, Non-Adjustable Poultry Leg Bands, Shrimp Eye Bands, Pigeon Bands, etc.

Fish & Wildlife Depts., Conservation, Zoos

Adjustable Aluminum Leg Bands in several styles

Colored Plastic Leg Bands in various sizes

Seamless Leg Bands with Laser Etched Numbers

replica bands

Exact copies of Bird Bands