These Black UV Stable tags feature both Text and a Logo. Logos must be submitted as high resolution black and white line art. Text and logos can be sized and laid out in almost any format, depending on the size of the tag. Styles shown on this page include: 14, 141, 144, 116, 70, 166, 143, 243, 185, 145, 50, 105, 242, 137, 199, 244, 187

These black aluminum tags with logos are uv stable and hold up in the sun. They are great for promotional items, branding pieces, vineyards, parks, trees, gardens, etc. The laser-etching allows creativity with logos, artwork, barcodes, QR codes, and more! If you have an idea you don’t see here, call us — we can probably make it! 859-261-2035


Pricing is based on size of tag (color category shown) plus the amount of laser etching. Call for quote.

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per 1000
PRICE FOR PLATE TAG SHAPES – Special Charges B,F could apply Additional 100 ADD
100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 1000
.040″ UV Stable Black 14.00 lbs 41.00 51.00 62.00 72.00 82.00 93.00 103.00 113.00 124.00 134.00 13.10
.040″ UV Stable Black 25.00 lbs 44.00 63.00 81.00 100.00 119.00 137.00 156.00 175.00 193.00 212.00 20.80

This pricing does not include the laser etching fee. Call for quote on laser etching. 859-261-2035