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Tags for Industrial and Commercial Use
Oblong Tags
racetrack tag, brass tag, metal tag

Style 141
round tag Over 100 Shapes available Small Plate tags

Aluminum Write-On Tag Write-On Tags
Tags you can write on
aluminum write on
Slot and Tongue Tags,  Aluminum Cable Ties Aluminum Cable Ties
Slot & Tongue Tags
Tags that hold wire and cables together
wire markers, metal wire harness
Wire Ties Plastic Cable Ties
Plastic Zip Ties that can be
numbered and bar coded

plastic zip
                          ties that can be laser marked
metal tag for marking Wire Markers
Tags that wrap around wires, cables, hoses
brass lead marker
                          Resistant Seals Tamper-Resistant Security/Identification Seals
  Metal and Plastic Seals that can be
used to secure many items

plastic tamper
                          resistant seals

Specific Applications

Machine Serial Tags Asset Tags
Tags to identify company owned assets
aluminum tags for
                          marking assets
Valve Tags Valve Tags
Tags for marking valves, heavy duty, harsh environment tags
harsh environment
                          valve tags
metal tag for wells Well Tags
Permit Tags

Tags for well permits with stamped info or barcodes, slots or holes
metal well tags
Bar code lased onto Black Aluminum
                          Tag Bar Code ID Tags for
Pallets, Containers,
Industrial Racks & Shelving
Specialty tags with bar codes and DataMatrix
Rack Tag
aluminum survey tag, survey marker Survey Markers & Tags
Stamped metal, long lasting tags for surveyors
metal survey marker
aluminum pole tags Utility Pole Tags
Many types and styles of tags to identify
utility poles

Electric Pole Tags
elevator inspection tag Elevator Tags/Inspection Tags
Custom designed tags for inspections and verification purposes
Metal Elevator Test Tags, Permit Tags
Metal Laser Etched Bar Code
Bar Codes
Customized Numbering
Laser Etching

Laser-Etched, Harsh Environment, Electronic ID
aluminum tag with datamatrix code
Wire rope tag, Sling Tag Sling Tags
Custom Wire Rope Tags and Sling Tags
Sling Tags
Plumber tag, Valve Shut Off Tags Plumber Tags
Identify Shut-Off valves and promote your company
plumber sticker
Metal Tags with Adhesive Backing
Adhesive Backed
Metal Tags
Adhesive Backing for
Metal ID Tags

Adhesive Backed Metal Tags
bar coded tag for marking lead aprons   Lead Apron Tags
Lead X-Ray Apron Tags
plumber sticker