At National Band & Tag, we are proud to offer a wide variety of Livestock Tags including plastic ear tags, metal ear tags, cattle tags, horse tags, RFID tags, etc. Search the products below for the kind you need.

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elk Commercially-raised
Deer, Elk, Antelope, Water Buffalo

Metal Ear Tags RFID Lifechip


AIN Tags

Official “840” AIN Tags.
NB&T is a certified AIN Manager.


Punches, Notchers, Hog Rings
For marking Ears, Toes, Webbing, etc


RFID Livestock
Ear Tags

Regular “985” RFID ear tags
for automating your data collection


Ratite Identification
Various ID methods for Ostrich, Emu, etc

Leg & Neck Bands Lifechip


Horses – Equine
Mane Tags with Embossed and/or Stamped Numbers

Mane Tags Lifechip