Metal Livestock Identification Ear Tags: Cattle ear tags Self-Piercing …. Self-Locking …. Tamper-Resistant

metal ear tags

We pack 25 ear tags in consecutive order on a cardboard carrier.
Our cardboard carrier holds ear tags securely, even in the roughest handling. They won’t slip off the ends. To remove, simply flip the tag up and over from the “bubble” end.

Weight Special Price Price Per 100 Price per 1000
StyleDescriptionper 1000ChargesEach1005001000500010000
681681 Steel10A,B,E,G10.108.1065.0061.8059.00
681A681 Aluminum7A,B,E,G10.108.1065.0061.8059.00
681BC681 Aluminum Bar Coded7G40.5027.00180.00171.00162.00
1005-681681 Monel10A,B,D,E72.0048.00320.00304.00289.00
681IC681 Inconel ($120 die alter charge)10A,B,E175.50117.00780.00760.00
681SStandard Applicator for 6811 lb25.00
6262 Steel17A,B,E,G80.0076.0072.00
1005-6262 Monel17A,B,D,E470.00447.00425.00
62SStandard Applicator for 621 lb/25.00
621621 Steel17A,B,E,G80.0076.0072.00
621A621 Aluminum17A,B,E,G80.0076.0072.00
621B621 Brass17A,B,E130.00124.00118.00
1005-621621 Monel17A,B,D,E470.00
621SStandard Applicator for 6211 lb/25.00
4949 Steel19.5A,B,E,G12.5010.0080.0076.0072.00
1005-4949 Monel19.5A,B,D,E200.00100.00540.00513.00487.00
49SStandard Applicator for 491 lb25.00
49CSCompound Applicator for 491 lb40.00
5656 Steel19.5A,B,E,G12.5010.0080.0076.0072.00
1005-5656 Monel19.5A,B,D,E600.00
56SStandard Applicator for 561 lb25.00
56CSCompound Applicator for 561 lb40.00