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All prices are FOB Newport, KY. Our request for payment is in no way a reflection of your integrity, ability to pay, or credit standing. We have established this policy due to the fact that most of our products are custom manufactured to order. Please allow sufficient time to manufacture your order and process the necessary documentation. Prepaid orders shipped to a destination inside the US and not needing special invoice papers will not be subject to the Service Charges. Contact us for shipping charge quote.
Payment Methods
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& documentation
1. Visa, Mastercard, or Discover

5% of the order value
$15 Minimum
$350 Maximum

2.  Wire Transfer of payment in US Dollars to
US Bank, Northern Kentucky
ABA 0421-00175 by SWIFT Code, USBKUS44IMT
for further credit to
National Band & Tag Company,  Acct No. 21-403-5
10% of the order value
$30 Minimum
$350 Maximum
3. Check drawn on any US BANK payable in US Dollars 5% of the order value
$15 Minimum
$350 Maximum
4. 4. Irrevocable Letter of Credit (Allow 120 days for export preparations)   
Orders will be accepted if you open an Irrevocable Letter of Credit   
    advised and confirmed through - 
US Bank
International Banking Department
Mail Location SL-LS-02IL
8th & Locust Streets
St Louis, MO  63101 USA
Phone: (877)716-5696  Fax: (314) 418-1376  Hot Line: (314) 418-3904
    for further credit to National Band & Tag Company
    Account Number 21-403-5
10% of the order value
$1000 Minimum

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