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Plastic Livestock Identification Ear Tags: Cattle ear tags

Perma-Flex Plastic Livestock Tags

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Livestock and Cattle Ear Tags are available in the following colors:
Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple, White
Stainless Steel 
Hog Ring 
Can be used to 
attach 7370 
Neck Tag 
1591B - Applicator 
for 1590SS

Stainless Steel Hog Ring
Size 2
Rings sold by the box. 
Approx 180 rings per box
Uses: Ratite, 
Shipping Weight Rings = 
1.16 lbs/180 
Shipping Weight Applicator =0.5 lbs/each

Plastic "Pear" Neck Tags, any color, white nos. (shown
Plastic "Pear" Neck Tags, any color, black nos. 
Plastic "Pear" Neck Tags, any color, blank 

Plastic Neck Tag
3 1/2" x  2 1/4"
3 1/2" high, thick plastic with engraved number

Tags with white numbers:  black, red, blue, green and orange

Tags with black numbers:  white, yellow
Uses: Livestock Neck Tag, Inventory Tag, Cage Tag, Inspection Tag, Tool Check 6544 - Price = $  .78 each
6545 - Price = $1.10 each
6546 - Price = $  .62 each
Shipping Weight=1.00 lbs/25
Minimum Order =50 tags