Wing Bands & Badges

Poultry Wing Bands, Wing Tags for Day-Old Chicks, Bands for Mature Birds, Wing Badges

Leg Bands, Bird Bands

Various Sizes and Styles of Bands for marking legs

Plastic Leg Bands

Colored Plastic Leg Bands in various sizes

Adjustable Leg Bands

Adjustable Aluminum Leg Bands in several styles

Punches, Notchers, Hog Rings

For marking Ears, Toes, Webbing, etc

Peepers, Blinders, Bits

Clip-On Blinders, Peepers, Bits, Bumpers, Bitfitter System

Ratite Identification

Various ID methods for Ostrich, Emu, etc

Pigeon Bands

Seamless Leg Bands with Laser Etched Numbers

Poultry Bands are essential for breeders and showers. For accurate identification, Bird Bands, Poultry Leg Bands, Poultry Wing Bands, etc. are critical for any breeding or showing program. We offer a wide range of bands from laser etched bar coded bands, to stamped numbered bands, to Plastic Spiral Leg Bands, to Pigeon Bands, numbered Gamebird Bands, Adjustable Leg Bands, Wing Bands and a variety of numbered aluminum bands. We also carry accessories like chick Toe Punches and Peepers.

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