Valve Tags & Pipe Markers

Valve tags provide crucial information to your operations and maintenance staff about your piping and valve systems, ensuring their safety and the safe operation of your facility. In addition, valve tags are used to label pipes and valves to meet federal regulations and inspection requirements. We manufacture custom valve tags in a wide range of materials and sizes, so that your valves and pipes will be properly tagged with long-lasting identification.

Brass Valve Tags
Brass tags are rust and corrosion resistant and can be used for high heat, high wear applications. They are durable and provide clear identification for your pipes and valves. They can be stamped or laser etched.

Stainless Steel Valve Tags
Used for applications exposed to corrosive elements and high temperatures, stainless steel tags are durable and reliable tags. In addition, they are easy to clean and can be sanitized repeatedly, making them ideal for environments that use lots of chemicals. They can be stamped or laser etched.

Quick Ship Valve Tags
National Band & Tag offers a variety of valve tags, but some sizes and materials are kept in stock to get you fast with easy ordering through Amazon!

Custom laser etched valve tags can have numbering, words, or both.

Stamped valve tags are available in number sets 1-1000.

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