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Wildlife Conservation Tags

Ear Tags Self-Piercing Tags
Tags for Ears, Flippers, Hides, etc
Also, Rabbit Ear Tag, and Bat Tag

Duck Band Leg Bands • Bird Bands
Various Sizes and Styles of Bands for marking legs

Mouse Ear Tag Fish Tags
Monel Self-Piercing Fish Tags

Pelt Tags
Pelt Tags
Aluminum Pelt Tags in several styles

Ear/Toe Punch

Punches, Notchers, Hog Rings
For marking Ears, Toes, Webbing, etc

Clip-On Blinder
Game Bird Products
Clip-On Blinders, Peepers, Bits, Bumpers, Bitfitter System

Strap Band

Ratite Identification
Various ID methods for Ostrich, Emu, etc

Seamless Leg Bands Pigeon Bands
Seamless Leg Bands with Laser Etched Numbers